Collaborative innovation for meaningful and durable solutions because the world never stops evolving

Tomorrow starts today. Let’s create the stories for tomorrow now. Let’s innovate together. Because through collaboration and co-creation we can more easily light amazing sparkles.  Let’s connect the power of our brains so we can create blooming brands.

Nowadays ideas and people travel fast and far. Working with international teams at a global level with big corporate companies is mandatory but thinking and building on strong local cultural insights is not an option either.

Digital tools can be very resourceful and help us save time and be more efficient. Meetings are great but they are not always necessary. Let’s be more agile, flexible and connected.

Everyone can be creative. Let’s use the design thinking approach and act more as curious explorers, let our thoughts cross some boundaries and wander in uncharted territories for a few moments. Thus, we can find great inspiration and uncover strong and meaningful insights in consumers lives.

Sustainability and meaningfulness should not be optional. There is no planet B. The quest for meaning and purpose from a consumer point of view grows stronger every day. Therefore it is time to get involved and do our best to safeguard the existing one. Sustainable innovation is a valuable option.

Flexibility, open mindedness and personalization are key in this constantly evolving world.Rigidity and standardization are old-fashioned. Don’t be afraid to recalibrate your projects and ideas. Changes may bring positive results and success.

A network approach: LIVELY INSIGHTS is a boutique marketing agency structured as a collective of marketing and research professionals. We work with RELIABLE PARTNERS WORLDWIDE and can be hired as a project leader or as a member of a wider global team.

About Andreea Fauchille, Founder & CEO

I have created LIVELY INSIGHTS, a boutique marketing agency that works with experimented professionals at an international scale in order to focus on consumer centricity and provide the best hybrid solutions (online & offline) for positive development and innovation projects.

With a solid professional experience both in innovation, branding & marketing consulting as well as international market research, I specialize in: insights collection design, analysis as well as moderation of online discussions and internal workshops.

Connected to modern digital technologies and the retail environment, strongly anchored in today’s world but constantly thinking about the future, I enjoy working on collaborative and meaningful innovation, marketing strategy or brand positioning projects on topics linked to consumer / shopper behavior and product development.

I am a strong believer in the efficiency, agility, richness and performance of online communities and other tech-driven solutions to collect consumer data.

However, digital solutions are not always the most appropriate way to do qualitative research. But they mix and match very well with other forms of insights collection I practice: classic Qual groups, Ethnographic interviews, co-creative workshops. I like to design smart methodologies that fit best my clients’ purpose and expectations but are also user-friendly and oriented towards positive branding.

My curious nature and international background (I am fluent in French, English, Romanian & Italian and I have an intermediate level in Spanish) make me a perfect partner for projects worldwide.

Focused, innovation driven, pragmatic and ambitious, I am a quick learner and I love challenges.

I am passionate about human truths and I like to dig deep to find meaningful insights and deliver straightforward and operational recommendations.

So far, my main fields of expertise are: food & beverages, fragrance & cosmetics, luxury,  hospitality sector, car rental industry, services, new technologies.

On my LinkedIn profile you can learn more about my previous work experience and clients.

I look forward to innovating together.”