Collaborative innovation for meaningful and sustainable solutions

Tomorrow starts today. Let’s create the stories for tomorrow now.

Sustainability, meaningfulness and prosperity are part of the same equation. Let’s find our happy spot without reaching adverse tipping points as there is no planet B.

Everyone has a say and everyone can be creative within realistic limits. Let’s act more as curious explorers who leave a positive green blueprint.

Cooperation is key to building a safe and desirable society for the future generations. Through collaboration and collective intelligence we can more easily light amazing sparkles.

Flexibility, open mindedness and willingness to learn are key in this constantly evolving world. Don’t be afraid to recalibrate your projects and ideas. Change is natural and may bring unexpected desirable results.

Let’s turn on the transformation engine and innovate together! Let’s operate a LIVELY CHANGE!

About Andreea Fauchille, Founder & CEO

andreea fauchille

“I have created LIVELY INSIGHTS, a boutique marketing agency that works with experimented professionals at an international scale in order to focus on consumer centricity and provide the best marketing & sustainable innovation solutions for positive development in a healthy ecosystem.

With a solid professional experience both in innovation, international market research & consulting, I specialize in insights collection design, brand strategy and professional training in sustainable innovation and transformation.

Strongly anchored in today’s world but constantly thinking about the future, I am convinced that the association between scientific knowledge, collective intelligence and the preoccupation for a happy, respectful and safe environment will shape our future and encourage regeneration.

Also, in the past years I have developed a passion for new forms of agriculture as a way to reduce the human carbon footprint, help the regeneration of entire ecosystems and become more resilient. Mother nature is a great source of inspiration for a sustainable life.

My curious nature and linguistic skills (I am fluent in French, English, Romanian & Italian and I have an intermediate level in Spanish) make me a perfect partner for international projects.

I am passionate about human truths and I like to dig deep to find meaningful insights and deliver straightforward and operational recommendations.

So far, my main fields of expertise are: food & beverages, fragrance & cosmetics, luxury, hospitality sector, car rental industry, services & new technologies.

I look forward to building a desirable and sustainable future together.