5 main types of benefits:

1/ An immersive, personal and yet less intrusive approach providing rich content

> Deep dive into consumers lives providing rich emotional insights.

People feel at ease and choose the best moments for them to answer the questions. Thus they deliver several real insights and tell us more about their lives and habits since they are comfortably installed at home, in a familiar atmosphere. The platform becomes their personal online intimate diary where they share their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

An online platform that lasts several days gives consumers the opportunity to add information on a day to day basis and enrich the answers from the previous days for instance as they complete the different sections.

Respondents are able to use different media to answer questions: text but also pictures, videos, Internet links.

2/ Iterative “test & learn” approach with several deeper interactions

> People can join an online community several times during a testing or co-creative innovation process

Consumers are able to participate to a research project at different stages:

a) at the very beginning they can provide a quick emotional feedback,

b) then leave the time to the marketing team to develop their ideas and concepts and then reconnect to the online platform again for a more detailed evaluation of the concepts,

c) after the optimization of the winning 2-3 concepts, they can also quickly re-check them and validate them.

This way, the marketing team have a continuos flow of feedback and can readjust and improve the concepts as they go.

3/ Quantified Qual

> The power of numbers.

Ability to exchange with a greater number of people during the same period of time.

Ability to quantify perceptions and reactions.

4/ Convenience & less geographical constraints

> People from wider or remote areas can participate to the customizable tasks adapted to online communities.

Consumers are able to answer from their mobile or their laptop / computer / tablet at the most suitable moments for them.

The tasks are private and individual in order for people not to influence each other. However, it is also possible to create forum-like or group-like communities where participants co-create and discuss together on several topics.

Online research can also help identify high potential consumers to be contacted for deeper understanding on a specific subject in a consecutive face-to-face phase of the same project.

5/ Client friendliness 

> Non-stop access to the customizable online platform during project duration and no need to travel.

Clients have live access to the data consumers provide and can follow on a daily basis the evolution of the project at the moment of their convenience.

We can create mini-groups and have specific tasks or questions dedicated to particular targets.

Clients can add specific probes and the online moderator can prompt consumers just as he/she would do in a group to have more information on an incomplete/unclear answer.

ONLINE QUAL & COMMUNITIES can also be appropriate for internal innovation & evaluation / concept validation procedures.

LIVELY INSIGHTS offers quality international project management, moderation & analysis,

as well as a range of consumer-centric insights collection methods

using tech-driven platforms and tools for an intuitive use worldwide.

When opt for online research?

Ideal for:

Audience illumination – creation of typologies, illustration of customer segments / targets

Concepts screening & selection of winning ideas

Concept evaluation & optimization for prototyping or pre-launch

Product testing – use test & home diaries

Co-creation, inspiration, exploration

Category usage and understanding

Understanding of shopper behaviours & customer journeys

Sensitive or confidential issues