The International Food Exhibition SIAL 2018 that took place late October in Paris has recently closed its doors.

As usual, there were millions of great products, lots of pasta, several interesting and more or less healthy softs drinks, snacks or dairy products, but here the products and categories that drew my attention:

The water category never stops to amaze me

> you can now pick your water according to your gender or your age

> you can have some water at a mix-eau-logie bar and compose your aromatized water

Smoothies and fruit juices

> they now combine both a natural and a scientific approach

Energy drinks

> attractive modern packaging and claims of natural ingredients

Sports drinks

> you can now mix them and easily transport them

National branding (Spanish chips, Parisian lemonade, Swiss milk)

> sign of quality and authenticity


Wine and animals

> wine etiquettes go mad or wild?

Frozen cocktails

> for the ones who like cocktails on the go

Milky drinks

> the era of yummy milk / yogurt – based drinks on the go is ON

Morning care 

> there is a cure for hangover 🙂

Boosters & Spirulina

> spirulina drinks are starting to be publicly commercialized

> low calories natural boosters

Visually impactful / modern / fun packaging & messaging

Quicook > healthy, yummy and convenient / easy to cook frozen foods

Protein chips

The come-back of the egg

Haute Fromagerie

Detox & cleanse drinks


News from SIAL Paris 2018

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