Happy Mărțișor Day!

1st of March: Mărțișor Day in Romania

For most people around the world, spring arrives on March 20th.

Yet, in Romania, people celebrate the first day of spring today, the 1st of March.

On this day, Romanian men buy small trinkets attached to a silky red-white threads (șnur) tied into a bow and offer them to their girlfriends, wives, family members, friends and colleagues to show friendship, respect or admiration.

Happy Mărțișor Day!

More about this tradition here: http://romaniatourism.com/martisor.html 

International Online Qual Research

If you are looking for a trustworthy partner to run your next online qual research project, you are in the right place.

> LIVELY INSIGHTS offers quality project management, moderation & analysis. And the online platform used is intuitive, very user-friendly and available in more than 30 languages.

Online qual is ideal for:
– understanding the mindset of your targets and deep-diving into their intimacy,
– exploring their habits and obtaining rich meaningful insights & illustrations regarding different customer segments,
– testing products / concepts / ideas in real conditions and doing home diaries,
– co-creating with consumers and searching for inspiration,
– map customer journeys.

Why opt for online qual (vs traditional qualitative research projects)?

1/ An immersive, personal and yet less intrusive approach providing rich emotional insights

People feel at ease and choose the best moments for them to answer the questions. Thus they deliver several real insights. Since they are comfortably installed at home, in a familiar atmosphere, they are inclined to tell us more about their lives and habits. The platform becomes their personal online intimate diary. Where they share intimate thoughts, feelings and emotions.

An online platform that lasts several days gives consumers the opportunity to add information on a day to day basis. They can also enrich the answers from the previous days for instance as they complete the different sections.

Respondents are able to use different media to answer questions: text but also pictures, videos, Internet links.

2/ Convenience & less geographical constraints

Ability to interact with a wider number of people on a short or long period of time.

People from remote areas can participate to the customizable tasks adapted to online communities.

Consumers are able to answer from their mobile or their laptop / computer / tablet at the most suitable moments for them.

Possibility to create mini-groups and have specific tasks or questions dedicated to particular targets.

Online research can also help identify high potential consumers to be contacted for deeper understanding on a specific subject.

3/ Quantified Qual

Mix of Qual & Quant > the power of numbers.

Possibility to exchange with a great number of people and briefly quantify their reactions.

4/ Client friendliness

Non-stop access to the customizable online platform during the entire project duration and no need to travel.

Live access to the data consumers provide and ability to follow on a daily basis the evolution of the project at the most convenient moment.

Clients can add specific probes and the online moderator can prompt consumers just as he/she would do in a group to have more information regarding an incomplete/unclear answer.

> You can ask for more info or a quotation here: https://www.livelyinsights.com/contact/ 

Atypical workshop space

In search for lively insights and an atypical workshop space for your next group meeting?

About the Lively Place

The Lively Place is perfect for strategic, innovation or creative workshops. The comfortable, versatile and stylish loft is ideally located in the heart of Paris, in between the Rue du Faubourg du Temple and Canal Saint-Martin (11 Rue Bichat 75010 Paris), not far from the main train stations (Gare de l’Est, Gare du Nord, Gare de Lyon).

Under a glass roof, there is the “living room” which is perfect for group discussions, training or ideation sessions.

The “pool / snooker area” is perfect for a break, an informal discussion or a creativity boost.

And the independent “thinking corner” can also host a mini-atelier.

For more info: https://www.livelyinsights.com/contact/ 

SuperGoop: THE modern sunscreen

Holly’s mission at SuperGoop: change the way you think about sunscreen.

“No longer is it a sticky, tacky, smelly mess you put up with at the beach. SPF is the most important thing you can do for your skin. Every. Single. Day.™ That’s why we’re constantly creating new products that you’ll love, so wearing SPF isn’t a chore, but a ritual. Not to mention it should be fun too.”

Discover the brand here

News from SIAL Paris 2018

The International Food Exhibition SIAL 2018 that took place late October in Paris has recently closed its doors.

As usual, there were millions of great products, lots of pasta, several interesting and more or less healthy softs drinks, snacks or dairy products, but here the products and categories that drew my attention:

The water category never stops to amaze me

> you can now pick your water according to your gender or your age

> you can have some water at a mix-eau-logie bar and compose your aromatized water

Smoothies and fruit juices

> they now combine both a natural and a scientific approach

Energy drinks

> attractive modern packaging and claims of natural ingredients

Sports drinks

> you can now mix them and easily transport them

National branding (Spanish chips, Parisian lemonade, Swiss milk)

> sign of quality and authenticity


Wine and animals

> wine etiquettes go mad or wild?

Frozen cocktails

> for the ones who like cocktails on the go

Milky drinks

> the era of yummy milk / yogurt – based drinks on the go is ON

Morning care 

> there is a cure for hangover 🙂

Boosters & Spirulina

> spirulina drinks are starting to be publicly commercialized

> low calories natural boosters

Visually impactful / modern / fun packaging & messaging

Quicook > healthy, yummy and convenient / easy to cook frozen foods

Protein chips

The come-back of the egg

Haute Fromagerie

Detox & cleanse drinks