Why online communities are ideal for innovation

The 4 main reasons to choose online communities when working on innovation projects

Online communities with consumers (also known as online Qual research) represent an agile solution, very rich in meaningful insights. Especially when working on marketing & innovation projects.

Below you will find the reasons why online Qual research and online communities are particularly suitable for innovation:

1/ Rich content & great modularity

> Allowing to:

– favor in-depth understanding in terms of uses / attitudes / customer journeys,

– illustrate typologies & work on personas,

– dig deep into the “why” or “why not »,

– but also find inspiration and co-create with consumers.

Indeed, the iterative “test & learn” approach, the possibility to adjust / adapt the “questioning” along the way, the possibility to have several stages of interrogation (according to the project / product / service development phase) make online Qual perfect for innovating with consumers or ensuring internally the project follow-up.

2/ Ability to easily be integrated into larger work processes

> A methodology that can take place over a longer or shorter period of time (depending on the needs).  And which can be articulated perfectly with strategic / innovation workshops and / or quantitative studies and / or in-depth interviews / group meetings.

3/ A pleasant user experience

> Whether used internally with the project members and / or externally with consumers and / or influencers (at a worldwide scale), the user experience when using online platforms is intuitive and pleasant today:

– Ergonomic & attractive design,

– Fluid navigation,

– Easy connection,

– Clear questioning structure.

4/ Possibility to choose among a variety of agile online tools

> Many attractive and easy-to-use tools (free and / or paid) can meet the different project objectives. Indeed, several independent online platforms exist and offer various features to orchestrate meaningful and fluid conversations.


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Le quali online, idéal pour les problématiques inno

Les 4 raisons principales d’opter pour une étude quali online sur une problématique d’innovation

Les COMMUNAUTÉS ONLINE (ou le quali online) sont une solution agile pour mener des études marketing innovantes et riches en insights.

Voici pourquoi les études qualitatives online sont particulièrement adaptées aux sujets d’inno :

1/ Une richesse des contenus & une modularité insoupçonnées

> Permettant de :

– comprendre en profondeur des usages/ attitudes/ customer journeys,

– illustrer des typologies & travailler sur des personas,

– creuser le « pourquoi » ou le « pourquoi pas »,

– mais aussi de trouver de l’inspiration et co-créer avec les consommateurs.

En effet, l’approche itérative “test & learn”, la possibilité d’adapter / ajuster le questionnement en cours de route, les interrogations en plusieurs temps (en fonction de l’état d’avancement du projet / produit / service) rendent le quali online parfait pour les process inno et leur suivi en interne.

2/ Une capacité à s’intégrer facilement dans des process de travail plus amples

> Une méthodologie qui peut se dérouler sur une période plus ou moins longue (en fonction des besoins). Et qui s’articule parfaitement avec des workshops stratégiques / inno et/ou des études quanti et/ou des entretiens approfondis / réunions de groupes.

3/ Une expérience utilisateur agréable

> Que ce soit en interne avec les équipes projet / marketing ou en externe avec les consommateurs ou influenceurs (et ce partout dans le monde), l’expérience d’utilisation des plateformes digitales est aujourd’hui facile et agréable :

– Design ergonomique & attractif

– Fluidité de navigation

– Connexion facilitée

– Structure claire de questionnement

4/ Le choix parmi une variété de solutions agiles

> De nombreux outils gratuits et/ou payants attirants et simples d’utilisation permettant de répondre aux différents objectifs. Il existe de nombreuses plateformes indépendantes avec des fonctionnalités variées pour orchestrer des conversations qui ont du sens et sont fluides.


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Key rules for a successful online qual research project

The key success factors for an online qual research project according to LIVELY INSIGHTS

Online qual research is an agile solution for running market research projects loaded with powerful meaningful insights. However, in order for the online qual research project to succeed, there are several rules that need to be respected:

1/ A modular platform, ergonomic, easy to use and available in local language

> Indeed, it is mandatory that all community members understand well  the questions and can naturally & easily answer them.

2/ The right design, structure, duration, language and questions for the online community… in line with both consumer behavior and brands objectives and expectations

> The tasks outline and questions formulation from an online qual platform are not the same as in a classic face-to-face group. Several adjustments are required.

> It is also very important to take note of the fact that even though online qual research seems to be able to answer all sorts of needs and objectives (usage, client experience, customer journey, product / service test, brand perception, communications tests, issues related to specific targets or age groups), online qual research isn’t always a good replacement for traditional qual methods.

3/ A quality recruitment with a highly motivated target able to post several thoughts, ideas and images

> Participants need to be familiar with digital tools & platforms and be available. If not, there is a great risk of project abandon.

> They also need to be a little bit creative and willing to speak up in order to avoid deceptive flat results.

4/ A moderator-analyst able to create a warm and trustworthy relationship with consumers and who interacts with each participant in order to ensure content richness and answers relevance / quality

> For a successful online qual research project, it is mandatory to have a hybrid profile moderator/analyst. This way, he/she will be able to be actively involved, read each participant answers and probe when necessary (in case of unclear / incomplete answers).

5/ A both in-depth & synthetic / operational  analysis that exploits the content richness without however losing sight of the final strategic and business objectives

> Online qual research communities can source a large amount of interesting verbatim, ideas, thoughts and pictures. But it is highly required to sort them out, organize them, analyse them and put them into perspective versus the company’s needs. An exhaustive inventory without the business contextualization may not always help the marketing teams move forward with their projects.


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International Online Qual

Our International & Online Qual Approach

LIVELY INSIGHTS is a company that specializes in:





In the process of creating innovating brands and products, our team of senior consultants and partners use ethnographic immersive consumer research. To uncover meaningful insights and relevant emotional unmet needs. This can be done through face-to-face methods (consumer interviews, home safaris, group reunions, shopper interviews, interviews with experts, ethnographic observation and filming). But also using versatile, agile and user-friendly online platforms and technologies.

What does LIVELY INSIGHTS stand for?

• Innovation • Brand strategy • International Qualitative Consumer Research • Online communities •

Iterative “test & learn” approach with longer deeper interactions

• Sharpness • Reactivity • Agility • Collaboration / Co-creation • Quality •

Valuable and vivid insights sourced in the real world able to nourish strategic thinking for blooming brands offering innovative and meaningful products and services.

At LIVELY INSIGHTS, we believe in online qual consumer research as it is more convenient and provides a great richness in terms of insights and visual elements.

More info about the main advantages of running online qual here: https://www.livelyinsights.com/international-online-qual-research/

> You can download here a short presentation of our methodology and approach: Short presentation of Lively Insights.